Welcome to the laboratory

Merchant Sons' products are designed for real life.

That’s why we rigorously test every single item we put our name to, comparing our product to premium department store versions.

Lab Tested in the UK

By testing our products at an independent lab in the UK with almost a century of quality testing experience, we can say with confidence that each item delivers on its claims and can stand up to scrutiny every time.

We’re committed to the very best, and it shows.


Merchant Sons Bedding Lab Results


  • Our sheets are engineered for breathability, drawing moisture through the fabric instead of staying trapped on the surface and making for a hot, clammy sleep.
  • Independent tests showed that 50% of any applied liquid penetrates our performance fabric immediately, with the remaining liquid penetrating within the first 20 seconds.
  • Our sheets hold up better to wear and tear, being 2.4 times more durable than department store brands.
  • Our sheets are pre-washed for less than 3% shrinkage when washed at home.
  • More Breathable Merchant Sons SheetsMore Breathable
  • Odor Reducing Merchant Sons SheetsOdor-Reducing
  • Moisture Wicking Merchant Sons SheetsMoisture Wicking
  • 2.4x More Durable Merchant Sons Sheets2.4x More Durable
  • Pre-Washed Merchant Sons SheetsPre-Washed

Sleep easy knowing our fibers and sheets
were produced consciously in Europe.


Merchant Sons Towels


  • Our towels absorb 60% more water than department store brands, so you can get out of the bathroom faster.
  • These 100% combed cotton towels also dry themselves 10% faster to minimize that damp towel smell and breeding ground for bacteria in your bathroom.
  • They are also pre-washed for less than 1% shrinkage when washed at home.
  • The towels achieved the highest industry standard scores for resistance to colour fastness, meaning colour doesn’t rub off onto other items.
  • More AbsorbentMore Absorbent
  • Bacteria ResistantBacteria Resistant
  • Pre-WashedPre-Washed
  • Resistant to Colour FastnessColour Doesn't Rub

Stain Resistant Cushions

Stain Resistant Cushions


  • Like the name implies, this line of cushions is proven to be stain resistant, receiving the highest industry grade on oil, water and spray repellency (our favourite party trick is pouring stuff on these cushions and watching the liquid bead off).
  • They have also received the highest industry standard for colour rubbing and abrasion, meaning these cushions will last as good-looking additions to your home.
  • Simply clean with a damp cloth.
  • Stain RepellantStain Repellant
  • Bacteria ResistantFewer Germs
  • Resistant to Colour FastnessResistant to Colour Fastness

Sweatshirt Blankets and Cushions

Sweatshirt Blankets and Cushions


  • Our sweatshirt blankets and cushions are designed for easy care – just machine wash and tumble dry.
  • They have been pre-washed for less than 3% shrinkage when you wash at home.
  • Pre-WashedPre-Washed


Merchant Sons Candles


  • Our candles are made with natural essential oils of cedarwood, fir needle and patchouli – key stress-busting scents in aromatherapy theory.
  • These candles have a 50 hour burn time, and the scent travels up to 15 feet.
  • All NaturalAll Natural
  • 50 Hour Burn Time50hr Burn Time
  • 15ft Scent Throw15ft Scent Throw

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