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The Merchant Sons

Founded by three friends with a shared passion for homes and better living, Merchant Sons offers technically enhanced homewares aimed at maximizing your quality of life. We believe that the products in your home should reflect your sense of style and make it easier, more comfortable to live in your home. Shopping for those homewares should be simple – enjoyable, even.

We got the idea for Merchant Sons at home (where else?). While hanging out on the balcony one summer evening, we realized how difficult it is for young, style-conscious men to furnish their homes. There are now lots of options for men’s clothing, accessories, haircare and skincare. And yet, the homewares industry still doesn’t give guys their due credit, still assuming men just need a leather recliner and big screen TV.

So, we started a business. By thinking about homewares from the male user’s perspective, we’re able to unlock new ideas about how homewares can look and work – new ideas that appeal to both men and women.

Greg handles creative direction for the brand and products, while Moritz works closely with our producers to ensure you get the highest quality for the best price. Cathy oversees your shopping experience online and at the Merchant Sons House, making the process of buying homewares as hassle-free as possible.

Everything starts with research and insights into how people live, and we’re always looking to learn more. If you are interested in being part of our research panel, have a question or simply want to hit on any of us (two out of three are married though), email us:

The Merchant Sons

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