The Perfect Winter Robe: a Merchant Sons Story

Finding the perfect men’s winter robe, whether for yourself or a loved one, is harder than it seems. Lost belts, floppy sleeves, scratchy tags, and drafty collars are just a few of the problems with many robes on the market. Waking up on a crisp winter morning can be great. Dealing with uncomfortable, irritating loungewear isn’t. Fortunately, the team here at Merchant Son has got your back. This winter, Merchant Son brings you a truly Canadian Winter Robe from trim to tag, with inspiration from the quintessential coziness of a sweatshirt. From Fleece to Thread The magic starts with each...

A Very Special Merchant Sons Gift Guide

This holiday Merchants Sons has got you covered with a great Christmas Gift guide for last minute shopping and early birds deals alike.

Merchant Sons @ Sleepover Toronto

We're pretty stoked to announce that we've joined thisopenspace's Sleepover concept shop over at 950 Queen Street West. The shop features various brands that are obsessed with sleep and rest from now until December 31.  Last Thursday, the Sleepover crew threw a great party to launch the store. We figured we'd share a few pics and convince you to check the store out.   The store is located in part of the former Museum of Contemporary Art at Queen and Shaw. Head up the stairs and you'll be greeted by an airy loft space featuring 30 sleep and rested related brands....

Why you should switch to Merchant Sons bedding

Watch our fancy video and learn about what makes our performance fiber sheets better. New technical design features, relationships with family-owned factories and independent laboratory testing - we've obsessed over all the ways to make better sheets.

How do we make our performance fibre sheets?

We traveled the world in search of high-quality, ethical production facilities that share our values for innovation and craftsmanship. We found that all here, so now the birthplace of Portugal is also the birthplace of our bedding line.

How do you solve a problem like men's homewares?

The belief that men hate shopping is an age-old myth that is quickly being debunked. More and more men are shopping these days as seen in the continuous rise of menswear sales.

Welcome to the Merchant Sons House

Everyone is guilty of letting their imagination run wild about the house next door. The curiosity likely revolves around the need to know how a person lives and their darkest medicine cabinet secrets.

Getting to know the trio behind Merchant Sons

There’s something about trios.  Buffy was chosen to save the world from the supernatural, but her two best friends, Xander and Willow, were key to keeping her alive. Learn how our trio saves the world from bad homewares.

At home, where it all started.

Sometimes, an idea pulls at you and doesn’t leave you alone until you finally do something about it.

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