Sometimes, an idea pulls at you and doesn’t leave you alone until you finally do something about it.

One of those times happened on a lazy, August evening in Toronto. One of those slow, sticky nights where everyone seemed to be out on their apartment balcony, talking about nothing. The type of night where we might daydream out loud about wanting to do something different with your time, to create something that doesn’t exist yet. To bring a new way of thinking to something everyone else ignores or just accepts as is.

But the conversation is getting a little too heavy, so we change the subject to compliment the host on his place. He complains about how much work it took to find home items that reflect his style. How annoying it is to sift through the department store, or navigate through a Swedish maze. Why are two large pieces of cotton sewn together so expensive? How do you know you’re buying a high-quality product that will last in your home? 

And that’s when the idea appears: Homewares that look great and work better. 

Everyone gets excited and starts throwing out suggestions. No more floral and weird geometric patterns - just simple, contemporary colours and designs that work for men and women. We should incorporate some functionality into homewares – my gym shorts are moisture wicking, why can’t my bed sheets do that too? If we work directly with factories, we can cut out the middleman and manage the quality process for a lower cost. We should rethink the entire buying process – a much simpler online process and physical stores that are nothing like a home décor store at all…

It’s getting late. Everyone has work the next day, so we all start filtering back inside to head home. It was great seeing everyone.  

But sometimes, an idea pulls at you and doesn’t leave you alone until you finally do something about it.

At our Paris apartment on a buying trip.

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