Finding the perfect men’s winter robe, whether for yourself or a loved one, is harder than it seems.

Lost belts, floppy sleeves, scratchy tags, and drafty collars are just a few of the problems with many robes on the market. Waking up on a crisp winter morning can be great. Dealing with uncomfortable, irritating loungewear isn’t.

Fortunately, the team here at Merchant Son has got your back.

This winter, Merchant Son brings you a truly Canadian Winter Robe from trim to tag, with inspiration from the quintessential coziness of a sweatshirt.

Men's robe

From Fleece to Thread

The magic starts with each and every fibre of our custom fleece - knit right here in Toronto to guarantee that the exact fabric weight, stretch, and colour match Merchant Son’s high standards for comfort and style.

To get there, we use a circular knitting machine set with three threads. The machine grabs and stitches the yarn into a tightly woven lattice, all the better to keep you cozy, whether its with one of our sweatshirt blankets, cushions or robes.

Next the fleece fabric is pulled from its circular home, washed, and then dyed in Ajax, just east of Toronto. There the sweatshirt fabric is washed and dried again to minimize colour loss and shrinkage when you do your laundry at home. 

After rolling the fabric, it’s sent to the factory to be forged into something truly special.  

All in the Details

At the factory, the fabric is transformed by a team of expert seamstresses according to Merchant Son’s exact specifications.

The robe’s sleeves are ribbed, keeping wrists warm. A button at the neck allows for just one more way to fight off the cold. And if that’s still not enough, the sweatshirt robe comes fully equipped with a rugged hood capable of fending of the first flurries of winter.

Its low-cut waist allows it to cut the figure of a smoking jacket, but one equipped for frigid conditions. Its in-sewn belt also guarantees that you’ll never be left searching for that missing robe piece again.

With the fabric reshaped in a striking robe, it heads back to the heart of Toronto for the final step.

A Personal Touch

When your new Winter Robe arrives at the Merchant Son House, the founders personally inspect each and every piece.

Everything about the process aligns with this attention to detail and Canadian craft. Merchant Son doesn’t just guarantee high quality. It’s also about building a family of artisans, artists, and craftspeople. These personal touches underscore a Winter Robe which already comes in our most popular colours – charcoal and heather gray. 

Stay warm this season, and do it with style.

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