Merchant Sons began with a simple goal: to design products for the home that look great and work better.

Each collection starts with field research to understand how people live in their homes today - and how they want to live. With that knowledge, we develop subtle ways to improve those products you use everyday in your home. 

Simple ideas like, weaving cotton with a performance fibre so your sheets can better transfer moisture throughout the night. Or combing the cotton before it's weaved into towels so they are softer, stronger and more absorbent. And because we all eat and drink on the couch - we've created a throw cushion that resists stains.  

These are just our initial ideas - we are always working on new products.

Our product claims are tested through an independent lab in the UK, pitting Merchant Sons against premium department store offerings. We also work directly and closely with our factories in Europe and Canada, cutting out the middleman to bring you the best quality at the best value.

Our innovations are subtle, but we think they'll make all the difference in your home. We hope you'll have us over.

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