Product Description

Use the following format to generate the tabs and cards from your product description. Any content that comes before the first <h2> element will be used for the product card description.

<p>Simple product description.</p> <h2>Tab Title</h2> <h3>Card Title</h3> <p>Card copy</p>

Product Tags

Featured Products

Use the tag "Featured"

New Products

Use the tag "New"

Relating Products

Use the tag "related-[product-handle]"

Ex. related-duvet-cover

Adding to a collection

Tag a product with the collection handle to have it automatically added to the collection.

  • Living Room - living-room
  • Bathroom - bathroom
  • Bedroom - bedroom

Product Bundles

Adding a product to a bundle

Use the tag "bundle-[product-handle]"

Ex. bundle-duvet-cover

To add multiple rows of a product to a bundle, include the number of rows after the product handle "bundle-[product-handle]-qty-[rows]"

Ex. bundle-duvet-cover-qty-2

Relating a product to a bundle

Use the tag "bundledby-[product-handle]"

Ex. bundledby-duvet-cover-set

Blog Article Tags

Specify blog category

Use the tag "category-[category-name]"

Ex. category-info

Relating Products

Use the tag "product-[product-handle]"

Ex. product-duvet-cover

Relating Articles

Use the tag "article-[blog-post-handle]"

Ex. article-kitchen-sink

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