When it comes to manufacturing, we only choose partners that are as passionate about transparency, craft and quality as we are.

Our six partner factories can be found around Europe and in the suburbs of Toronto, each providing years of expertise in distinct product categories. We work directly and closely with our producers, cutting out the middleman from the process.

The result? High quality products, better value for your money and peace of mind that your products were made in safe, ethical facilities.

Our bedding products are created with care at a family-owned mill in northern Portugal that’s been passed down through three generations. All weaving, dying, printing, finishing and sewing takes place under one roof, so we ensure the highest quality for your bedding - from start to finish.

Merchant Son towels are the product of another family-owned factory, one that has an extended family in their workers as more than 20% of their employees have been working at the factory since it started 20 years ago. Here, every one of our towels is weaved, dyed and sewn with the utmost care, for a high-quality softness and durability that’s impossible to beat.

We’re very proud to say that our sweatshirt products are 100% made in Canada. One of three remaining knitters in Ontario is responsible for creating the custom sweatshirt fabric used in our blankets and cushions.

From the knitter in Scarborough, the greige fabric is sent to the last remaining dye house in Ontario. This dye house in Ajax has been in business since the 1950’s and the expertise shows in our sweatshirt products’ top grade for colour fastness (a solid 5 out of 5).

The finished fabric is then sewn into blankets and cushions by our sewing workshop in Scarborough, with the extraordinary craftsmanship you’d expect from a small facility run by two best friends.

Using non-GMO soy wax and natural essential oils, each one of our candles is poured by hand and produced in a small workshop just down the Don Valley Parkway from our store.

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