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Our research told us that people wanted a towel that actually absorbed water rather than just pushing it around. So, we set out to discover what makes a super-absorbent towel.

The answer? Creating as much surface area for absorption as possible - down to the threads. First, we combed the cotton before spinning it into yarn so only the smoothest, strongest fibres remained. Then, we packed in as many terry loops as possible while still keeping the towel light and fluffy. Finally, we got rid of any decorative borders that didn't actually absorb water, replacing it with a simple design of terry loop stripes. Little details that add up to a 60% more absorbent towel.   

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  • 100% combed Turkish cotton
  • 650 grams per square meter


  • Wash and dry on gentle cycle with like colours  
  • Non-chlorine bleach when needed  
Bath Towel
Size 70 x 137 cm
650 grams per meter

    Bath Towel

    An extra-absorbent towel that still dries itself quickly. How do we know this? We sent it to a quality lab in the UK for testing against a more expensive department store towel. The results showed 60% more water absorption and 10% faster dry time.

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    Merchant Sons Absorbant Towels

    More Absorbent

    Absorbs 60% more water than a department store brand.

    Quick Drying Towels

    Quicker Dry Time

    Dries itself 10% faster than a department store brand.

    Merchant Sons Towels Made in Turkey

    Made In Turkey

    Produced by a family-owned mill in the Aegean region of Turkey.

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